Jet Bluster Antikalk

Eliminate limescale with JetBluster Antikalk.

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Product code: ΤΖΕΤ
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 1,96 kg

Limescale deposits and stains on bathroom fittings, showers, washbasins and stainless steel sinks make the surfaces appear dull and unhygienic. It's even worse if the scale starts affecting their performance, e.g. when the mixer jet on your tap gets clogged up or the coffee machine has stopped making decent coffee.

JetBluster Antikalk is the ideal solution for limescale marks and deposits all over the house. Simply spray it on, allow it to go to work for a few moments and then rinse. That's all there is to it!

And for cleaning your toilet, use JetBluster WC Schaumfix - the water-activated, self-cleaning power foam for effortless cleaning - leaving your toilet as fresh as new!

It's so easy to use! Simply empty the contents of the container into the toilet, add hot water and let the power foam do the rest. Allow a short time for the foam to work, then flush and you're done!

The set includes:
- 2 x 500 ml JetBluster Antikalk
- 4 x JetBluster WC Schaumfix
- 1 x spray head
- 1 x double sided cleaning sponge
- 1 x microfiber cloth 30 x 30 cm.



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