Biological stains and odors absorber.


Product code: ΜΣΤΕ400
Weight: 170 gr

Magic Stain Remover is a biologic composition which absorbs and removes quickly all stains and odors like: coffee, wine, syrup, soda, oil, cream, but also blood, as well as little annoyances of your pets…

Thanks to its specific formulation based on enzymes, Magic Stain Remover deodorizes and removes effectively all stains and odors.

It is very simple to use: just sprinkle and wait a few hours. Stains and odors will be naturally eliminated by enzymatic action. Aspirate or swipe and your surfaces will be clean again.

Works on all surfaces: wood, ceramic, tiles, fabrics, carpets, etc.
Slightly perfumed. Sold by 150 grams.



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