Save time and money with the new NANOPLY Home Set.

From 49,90-52%

Product code: ΝΑΠΛΥ
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 870 gr

Did you ever realize how much of your extra time and effort you're spending on cleaning around the house?

No need to worry about that anymore, because NANNOPLY is here; the new astonishing surface cleaning and protection product.

The NANNOPLY will protect your glass, windows, mirrors, your whole kitchen, sink, pipes, working surface, your bathroom, ceramic or wall tiles, all of the banisters, door knobs and all metal surfaces, even porcelain. And that's not all. Even your favorite suede or leather shoes and jackets, kids' shoes, leather furniture, all that will be protected against the dirt and rain. And this protection will not last for just one day, one week, or even one month, but for the whole year.

The secret of this NANNOPLY high technology liquid is that it consists of the smallest natural NANNO PARTICLES. When applied they make every surface perfectly flat. They are so small, even 20 times smaller than the smallest particle of bacteria or dirt, which prevents them from sticking to any surface protected by NANNOPLY.

Using the Nannoply is so simple and easy. You just have to prepare the desired surface or material with the special NANNOPLY Cleaner and then apply the NANNOPLY to protect the surface once, which will last the entire year.

The NANNOPLY saves up to 70 % of the expenses spent on the cleaning agents and up to 90% of your time and effort. Take your chance on this unique new product!



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