Restoryte - restores and rejuvenates

Restoryte restores and rejuvates.


Product code: ΡΕΣΤΟΡΑΙΤ
Weight: 220 gr

Restoryte is a fantastic home utility tool that can rejuvenate the original look and feel of many home items. It is compatible on many surfaces be it leather, plastic, meral, stone, vinyl and more. It improves shine of the surface and makes dull look of any item go away in a matter of seconds.

Restoryte was built using a formula that uses millions of microscopic polymers that penetrate deep into the surface of the item, restoring and protecting. It creates an invisible shield that is UV and water resistance. The characteristics of the formula enables Restoryte to give excellent and long lasting results.

The set includes
- 1 bottle of Restoryte (100ml)
- 1 application sponge
- 3 microfibre cloths
- 1 application stick for hard to reach areas
- 1 pair of nitrile gloves
- Instruction manual



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