Biolux fish pan 40x27.5 cm


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Product code: ΒΙΟΨΑΡ
Guarantee: 3 months
Weight: 1,64 kg
Height: 4 cm

Add Health and color to your kitchen with the eco Biolux Kerama ceramic fishpan with the white stick ceramic coating, which allows you to cook foods in their liquids or with minimal oil, without sticking, healthy and fast.

It has a heat-resistant ergonomic handle.

The coating is made with the "lotus" technology, i.e the hot water is converted into droplets on the surface of the fishpan on which the residues of food stick, making it easier to clean.

Thanks to its special Thermal base, it is suitable for induction cooker, gas, ceramic or electric stove. Dishwasher safe.
With the unique oval shape and a measurement of 40cm it is perfect for frying fish without cutting it in pieces.



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