The Ultimate cooking system!


Product code: ΝΤΟΥ5592
Weight: 2,09 kg

The Doubletta Plus cooking system is an absolute revolution. It consists of two pans that are linked together and are sealed by a silicone ring. This special construction ensures the optimal heat distribution everytime you turn the pan!

The outstanding Doubletta Plus works like a pressure cooker, however with lower pressure and therefore much safer!
The overpressure simply leaves through three dedicated holes - this enables you to open the Doubletta Plus whenever you want for stirring or seasoning.

A high quality ceramic frying surface ensures excellent non-stick properties as well as outstanding frying and cooking results.

The ergonomically shaped rubberized handle is equipped with a magnetic lock that securely holds the pans together, once they are closed.

With the outstanding Doubletta Plus cooing system you can expect to have fun while cooking and a sensational taste experience!



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