Duetto Ultimate Cooking System 24 cm

The Duetto is a double fine quality pot made exclusively in Italy!


Product code: ΝΤΟΥΕΤΟ
Weight: 2,09 kg

The Duetto is a high quality double pot made exclusively in Italy!
It is made of high quality cast aluminum and has an ultra non-stick coating.
The two metal layers transmit heat rapidly and distribute it evenly to cook faster at a lower intensity and save energy.
Recirculation of hot air is created inside the pot and as a result of that all vitamins and minerals remain in the food.
Because of the ultra non-stick coating you can cook healthier as you don't have to add extra fat, butter or oil.
The Duetto generates two cooking areas which heat by convection and you can cook two dishes at tha same time.
Steam tray is included.
Fry, bake, roast, grill, flambe, all in your Duetto!
Suitable for gas, ceramic, electric and halogen stove tops.
Suitable for ovens up to 1800Celsius.
You can either use the two parts of the Duetto together or separately.



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