Harry Blackstone ceramic 7 pcs set

Heat- resistant aluminum cookery set with ceramic coating for fat free cooking.

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Product code: ΜΠΛΑΚ5036
Weight: 5,24 kg

The Harry Blackstone Ceramic Cookery Set with its robust granite look is a real eye catcher and it offers outstanding results and user-comfort too.

Thanks to the black and white ceramic coating, there is virtually no need for oil or fat when cooking. And there is very little risk of anything getting burnt or sticking.

When you have finished cooking, the food virtually glides out of the pan on its own. Fat and food residue just glide off- like droplets of dew on a lotus leaf.

The cooking- pots, saucepan and frying pan are finished with a heat-resistant black coating on the outside- protecting them, making them easy to clean and ensuring that they look just the part.

Dishwasher safe.

1 x large pan Dimensions: 24 x 7 cm + glass lid
1 x small cooking pot Dimensions: 20 x 7 cm + glass lid
1 x steel saucepan Dimensions: 16 x 9 cm +glass lid
1 x frying pan Dimensions: 24 x 4.7 cm.



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