Orgreenic 7 pcs set

Orgreenic Non Stick Ceramic Cookware.

From 169-53%

Product code: ΟΡΚΡΙΝ
Weight: 6,25 kg

Orgreenic Non Stick Ceramic Cookware is the leading edge in non stick ceramic cookware.

Orgreenic is also built with a very convenient stay cool handle so you can easily handle orgreenic without any worry or serious injuries or burns.

Cooking with Orgreenic will change the way you cook with its revolutionary non stick cooking surface. Stop using oil to cook, Cut out the excess fat and oil by cooking with Orgreenic; now you can make eggs without using any oil, making your meals leaner and healthier to eat.

Stop spending time scraping pans, With Orgreencs non stick surface clean up is effortless, and as easy as cleaning it with a towel.

The set consists of two frying pans, one small pot, two lids and a recipe and instruction booklet.

You will also get a professional knife.



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