Now you can cook REAL food with your microwave oven.

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Product code: ΤΕΙΖΤΙ
Weight: 3,74 kg

Is Microwave the last appliance you use for the real cooking in the kitchen? You use it for junk food but not for REAL food. Imagine cooking real food like steaks brown and tender in 8-12 minutes, grilled chicken in 6-12 minutes, seafood that overflows with flavor in 7 minutes, steamed veggies that are fresh, fat and delicious in 7 minutes, desserts like Apple Crumble in just 8 minutes, Everything grilled, griddled, baked, fried, steamed, roasted all made in under 10 minutes and all in a microwave oven.

TastiWave cookware has changed the landscape of home cooking forever! Now you can make homemade meals right in your microwave that taste absolutely incredible. Finally, a cookware made for your microwave that can grill, sear, roast, bake, steam and fry all your favorite foods in microwave speed but with conventional oven tastes. TastiWave cookware absorbs microwave energy and converts it into cooking energy, then releases it inside the cooker.

The TastiWave set includes:
- Base
- Griddle Pan
- Steamer Insert
- Dome Lid
- Grill Pan
- Grill Press
- Quick Cook Recipe Guide



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