Thermo Bowl set

The most practical, isothermal bowls that always keep your food at the desirable temperature!

From 37,90-21%

Product code: ΘΕΡΜΟ8484
Weight: 1,15 kg

The Maxxcuisine isothermal bowls maintain your food warm or cold depending on your preference.
Thanks to their double, inside walls, your food remains at the desirable temperature for some time, so that you can always serve it fresh!

They are ideal for those who like to cook meals for their friends. Your potatoes, your meat and your soups stay warm, while your desserts and your salads stay cool!

Their inner material is stainless steel which makes them easy to wash and appropriate for dish washer.

Your food stays warm or cold up to 4 hours while it doesn't lose its nutrients.

Capacity: 600ml, 100ml, 1500ml.



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