Waterless cooking set

Waterless cooking pot.

From 189-7%

Product code: ΠΟΤ1424
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 4,97 kg
Length: 24 cm

Healthy, nutritious cooking, saving time and energy and being environmentally friendly and therefore, economic.

A passionate and exciting new way of preparing fresh and healthy meals, enhanced in their bright colors and keeping a crispy texture.

Preparing a meal using only the natural condensation, is the most nutritious way of cooking. Your meals will be steamed gently in their own condensed water. No boiling, no loss of nutritional values.

The ideal temperature is 95 0 C, which is displayed on the integrated thermometer, is reached in a very short period of time due to the fact that the steam cannot evacuate.

Saves time, energy and money.

This way you preserve 98% of the vitamins and minerals, compared to conventional cookware that only preserves 58%.
r No oil or fat needed and burning or sticking thanks to its special Lotan coating.

The combined steamer enables you to prepare various meals simultaneously.

Set includes:
- pot 24cm diameter
- lid with aroma knob and thermometer
- steamer 24cm diameter.

Lotan coating:

-non-stick layer
-ceramic layer
-anti-corrosion layer
-titanium oxide layer
-aluminium body
9-10mm thick base
2400 C oven proof.



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