Keep food fresh longer!

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Product code: ΚΟΝΤ40
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 1,59 kg

Finally a practical solution to avoid the waste from valuable food and money!

With the Always Fresh Box & Bag set you get a complete storage system to keep your food fresh longer and save money as well!

Always Fresh Box & Bag are made with natural and environmentally friendly material which absorbs and removes damaging gases produced from meat and bread. These edibles release ethylene gas during the natural ripening process. The exposure of fruits and vegetables to these gases will speed up the ageing process and deterioration.

Thanks to Always Fresh Box & Bag fruits and vegetables remain fresh and crisp longer, as the ethylene gas is absorbed and neutralized.

The set includes:
- 1 box 0.375 l
- 2 boxes 0.725 l
- 2 boxes 1.15 l
- 2 boxes 1.68 l
- 2 boxes 2.85 l
- 1 box 4.6 l
- 10 lids
- 10 Always Fresh Bags 10 l
- 10 Always Fresh Bags 6.5 l
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