Kleva Sharp

Your blunt knives will be brand new again!

From 12,90-23%

Product code: ΚΛΕΒΑΣ
Weight: 40 gr

Kleva Sharp uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife. It works on virtually any knife, including expensive hardened steel knives and even serrated blades (like bread knives and hunting knives), making it unlike any knife sharpener, steel or sharpening stone you've ever used.

Perfectly angled tungsten carbide teeth
Sharpens all blades, even serrated edge, scissors and blades
Suction cup with quick lock handle, allows you to attach it instantly to all smooth surfaces
Sharpen your knives safely, without needing to hold the sharpener
Compact size (6 cm diameter, 6 cm height) for easy storage



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