Ceramic knives Ceracraft (3 pcs)

Ultra non-stick ceramic coated knives.


Product code: ΣΕΡΑΚ
Weight: 290 gr

These ultra non-stick ceramic coated knives will glide through any food.
The super-sharp stainless steel blades are coated in Ceracraft non-stick ceramic so they won't drag stuck-on food with them, leaving a clan and precise cut.

The highly durable, baked-on ceramic coating on these razor-sharp blades protects them from rust and stops flavors and odors being transferred between foods.

And with added protection from individual protective sheaths, and soft grip rubberized handles, these knives are always kitchen-ready and perfect for any food prep task.

Set consists:
- one 15 cm knife
- one 11 cm knife
- one 9 cm knife



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