A must have multipurpose appliance for every kitchen! Make your own pastas, sausages and much more!

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Product code: ΤΦΟΥΝΤ
Weight: 1,63 kg

This appliance is definitely a must have utensil in every kitchen! It is versatile, portable and it includes 18 accessories you can use to prepare diverse and original plates. It has two discs to chop meat for large and small cuts and seven additional accessories for pasta preparation namely a pasta cutter, a sausage cutter, a cup and a six arm drying pasta hangers. Use it to mince veggies or meat, to stuff sausages and make your own delicious pasta. Prepare noodles, meatballs, hamburgers and pastas. You will obtain a lot of possibilities with this appliance. It is very easy to clean and the accessories are very easy to change.

To Mince Veggies or Meat:
Install chopping blade.
Choose from two different sized discs.
Put meat into the mincing house, use meat pusher to press the meat through the driving screw, then turn handle to start mincing.

To Stuff Sausages:
Install sausage maker in front of the disc.
Put sausage casting over the makers head.
Turn the meat mincer and start making sausages.

To Make Pasta:
Install the pasta cutter.
Turn the screw to make pasta.
Cut off the pasta to your desired length.
Put the pasta on the hanger to dry.

Product Features :
- 1x Instruction manual English and Spanish
- 1x Handle
- 1x Disc with big holes for large cuts
- 1x Disc with small holes for small cuts
- 1x Pasta cutter
- 1x Blade
- 1x Axle
- 1x Clamping ring
- 1x Sausage adapter
- 6x drying arms, base support and drying arms support
- 1x main unit
- 1x cup pusher
- Dishwasher safe



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