Clean Suzy microwave cleaner

Environmentally friendly microwave cleaner, with steam.

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Product code: ΣΟΥΖΙ
Weight: 130 gr
Length: 12 cm
Width: 9 cm
Height: 13 cm

Cleaning the microwave is now fast and easy thanks to Clean Suzy by Gourmetmaxx! Just fill the plastic figure with white wine and water, place it in the microwave and switch on the device. Clean Suzy will start to rotate and steam!
Thanks to the exiting hot steam, fats and food residues are dissolved within 5' and can be wiped clean with a cloth.
Environmentally friendly cleaning without chemicals, which is also great fun!

1. Fill Clean Suzy with white water and water
2. Place in the microwave
3. Hot steam exiting from the top of the figure will dissipate fat and dirt in 5 minutes
4. Wipe the microwave clean with a cloth



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