Bamboo Curtain with sunflower design.

From 27,40-32%

Product code: ΜΠΑΜΠΟΥ-Η
Guarantee: 3 months
Weight: 2,3 kg
Length: 90 cm
Height: 200 cm

Hang the Bamboo Curtain on the door ανd give an exotic air to your place while blocking out all the annoying insects.
The air is getting through the curtain and refreshes the atmosphere, without anyone being able to see in.
You can hang it on the door of your balcony or the outdoor and get rescued from opening and closing the doors. It' s the perfect solution. You can hang it even in the inside doors of the house.
It is handmade, thick, with 65 rows in the exotic design of "Sunflowers".
You can hang it easily and put it away for storage.



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