Air O Space Luxury Bed Set(toddler size)

Multi-use portable bed.

From 129-23%

Product code: ΑΙΡΟ-Π
Guarantee: 6 months
Weight: 7,4 kg
Length: 165 cm
Width: 107 cm
Height: 36 cm

The portable inflatable Air-o-Space Luxury Bed is as tall as a normal bed and equally comfortable, thanks to the unique Weightless Load Technology and Air Chamber Body Support Systems.

Its most important feature is the inflatable base on which the mattress is placed. You can always remove it and this way you have 2 separate mattresses, so you can double the use. It can also be used as great playing place for children or it can even be filled with water for kids to enjoy as a splash pool.

It contains a headrest that can be removed and used as a pillow. The finish has a velvet like sensation for extra comfort.

You will also get:

- A carrying bag
- A powerful pump to inflate and deflate the mattress fast and easy
- 3 pcs air nozzles
- 1 repair kit

DIMENSIONS MATTRESS : 1.38 X 0.81 X 0.18 m.
DIMENSIONS FRAME : 1.65 X 1.07 X 0.36 m.



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