A versatile pillow that adapts to all body types.


Product code: ΝΤΡΙΜΟΛ
Weight: 1,38 kg
Length: 60 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 10 cm

People differ in height and weight, shoulder width, head size, etc. These differences are crucial in choosing the right pillow, so why are all pillows the same? The patented technology of the Dreamolino, provides the solution to this problem.
Dreamolino, your unique, adjustable sleeping pillow offers six different setting options for any body size. Thanks to the patented "U-Spring" technology and flexible dynamic memory foam with integrated heat extraction system you will never wake up again tired or with tensions. In addition to that, Dreamolino can be supplemented with up to 2 different neck bolsters for an optimal support in the neck area.
Thanks to the different shape of the longitudinal sides and the various types of supportive neck rolls, it can be perfectly adapted to your individual needs.
The coolsense pillowcase is a specially designed pillowcase from anti-allrergic polyester which is extremely breathable and temperature balancing, thanks to its open cell structure. It provides a pleasant and comfortable sleeping experience.



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