The incredible blade that cuts in any angle and direction.

From 39,90-47%

Product code: ΠΡΙ15
Weight: 1,71 kg

Get rid of the dangerous and rusty blades, and get the Incredible Blade.

You can cut almost everything: ceramic tiles, slate, wood, cables, tail pipes, fibreglass, Plexiglas, chains, reinforced cement, hardened steel, brass, plastic, cast iron etc. Remember: this blade cuts in any angle and direction. It is made of the best quality material and is fired at 1300 centigrade for superior strength.

The kit box includes:
- a big blade of 30,5 cm.
- a small blade of 15,2 cm.
- two super clamps
- a pair of gloves
- two frames
- 1 measure tape with level, pen and pad

Ideal for wood constructions.



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