Self-amalgamating tape.


Product code: ΤΕΙΠ602
Weight: 60 gr

Magic-Silicone Tape is a "ready-to-use" thick auto-welding silicone tape, which seals instantly and easily all leaks… It uses no glue but sticks to itself when stretched and overlapped.

Simply roll on itself to repair all types of hoses or pipes: plastic, rubber, copper, chromium, iron, etc. Ideal for 1000 and more applications in the home, garden, boat, trailer, hobbies, DIY: to repair a hose, a garden hose, a sink drain, a compressed air hose, a vacuum cleaner hose, etc.

It can be also used as electrical insulation (to insulate wires).
Resistance: Pressure up to 10 bars - Temperature resistance 65o up to 260oC.
Sold by roll of +/- 3 meters x 25 mm



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