Velform Spa

Turn your bathroom into a private spa.

From 149-53%

Product code: ΒΕΛΣΠΑ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 3,18 kg
Length: 117 cm
Width: 37 cm
Power supply: Power 220V
Power: 450 watt

The hectic rhythm of everyday life can be harmful. If you need to relax but don't have the time or money for the gym, a spa or expensive treatments, now you have Velform Spa, your own home spa.

Benefits of hydrotherapy massage:
- Improves circulation
- Relaxes your muscles and relieves pain
- Leaves your skin soft and smooth
- Helps you sleep better
- Relaxes the senses and reduces stress
- Promotes healthy living

The set includes:
- Non-slip mat that makes 300 bubbles a second for an intense massage
- Waterproof remote control with three intensity levels (low, medium and high)
- Acupressure massage balls for feet and shoulders which can be attached to the sides of the bat with suction pads
- Inflatable neck pillow for keeping your neck in a comfortable position while you relax
- 3 aromatherapy clips for a complete massage.



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