Collagen Plus Face velvety cleanser with plant collagen and minerals.

From 18,49-60%

Product code: 513070
Weight: 170 gr

Revolutionize the concept of cleansing: a completely innovative formula for a product that, as soon as it is applied on the face, turns into a thin nourishing veil after a light massage. Removed through rinsing, it will leave your skin perfectly clean, incredibly toned and silky, as if you had just applied a moisturizing cream. Perfect for the make up removal too, it completely removes any traces of make up in a delicate, non aggressive way. Rich in plant collagen and in minerals, essential to a correct cellular activity, it leaves the skin soft and radiant.

A protein produced by the organism, the collagen, with its protecting and elasticizing function, is the real frame of the skin. As the years go by, the cellular metabolism and production slow down and the skin loses tone and firmness. So, it is advisable to stimulate the renewal process with special products, like the ones of the collagen line, rich in plant collagen. An active principle extracted by a kind of acacia mainly growing in Senegal, the plant collagen is similar to the organic one, main constituent of the connective tissue of the skin.

Directions for use: apply a small quantity of product on the dry face; spread evenly and massage. Afterwards, wet the face and continue to massage until a light milky emulsion forms. Rinse thoroughly with warm water: the cleanser will remove the excess of oil of the skin, leaving it perfectly nourished and moisturized. The product can also be used on a cotton wad to remove the make up. In this case, too, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use in the area around the eyes.



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