GLOV on-the-go: Cleaning and removing makeup on the go!

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Product code: ΓΚΛΟΒ-ΟΝ
Weight: 20 gr

GLOV on-the-go makes your life easy. Use it every time you want to look radiant or just clean your skin after a difficult day. All you need is some warm or cold water. It is an amazing travel accessory and a secret ally in your every day routine.
Take GLOV on-the-go anywhere you go, using it anytime you choose. Just, put it in your bag!

Skin friendly, dermatologically tested and money saving! It is extremely soft and unwearable, since it can be used for at least 3-4 months of every day use.

GLOV is the healthiest, easiest and smartest way to remove your make up:
- Saves a lot of money, since it can be used over 100 times
- 100% natural and efficient de-makeup using only water
- Removes waterproof makeup, mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow using only water, in only seconds
- Doesn't contain chemicals, you don't need any cleaning products or lotions. Only water!
- Special premium microfiber cloth, the only one suitable for skin use
- Soft, dermatologically approved, suitable for sensitive skin
- Revitalises skin and stimulates micro-circulation with every use
- Removes dead cells and gently exfoliates skin
- Hypoallergic and anticeptic, removes 99,9% of the skin's microbes
- Ideal for skins with acne or irritations
- Eco-friendly



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