Aminovita Pearls high-impact re-densifying action with Pluridefence� cell revitalizer.

From 48,90-60%

Product code: 512049
Weight: 160 gr

Intensive action for a deeply-renewed face. The concentrated formula in the pearls together with the boosted active principle makes this intensive treatment particularly effective. Pluridefence, the multi-active molecule, strengthens and enhances the natural skin protection processes and fights cutaneous aging from various angles, is particularly active and presented in single-dose which remain intact until uses. Clinical studies have shown that it promotes cellular vitality improving the thickness and firmness of the skin and preserving the collagen and elastin intact. The texture of Aminovita in the pearls is extremely smooth, specific for the areas of the face which require the most attention. With every application, the tired, lined and toneless skin immediately looks firmer and more compact. IT IS A ONE MONTH TREATMENT TO BE PREFERABLY COMBINED WITH AMINOVITA DAY AND NIGHT AND TO BE REPEATED AT LEAST TWICE A YEAR TO GUARANTEE VISIBLE RESULTS.



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