Perfect Menton roll on for slimmer chin

Roll on for slimmer chin.

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Product code: ΠΗΓΟΥΝΙ
Weight: 110 gr

Double chin is hereditary. It lengthens the face, spoils the profile and makes a woman look older and thicker.

Perfect Menton addresses dynamically limpness skin problem.

The active ingredient is extract from Glaucium plant located on the sandy shores of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic as well as low mountains.

We recognize it from its flowers that resemble poppy. It is also known as the Yellow Poppy.

After a clinical study in 25 volunteers for 2 months the results were that the double chin was decreased in size and thickness.

With Perfect Menton your face look younger and beautiful, and the double chin gets thinner, while the lines of the face get more rounded.

The tube has roll on with 3 heads to feed its components and simultaneously massage.



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