Professional Grooming Kit HM-1021

Hair Majesty HM-1021 Professional Grooming Kit.


Product code: HM1021
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 820 gr

Treat yourself and give your beard and hair the style that suits you with the new Hair Majesty HM-1021, 7 in 1. Make sure you look impeccable with plenty of accessories for perfect style according to your requirements.

- Rechargeable men's kit with 45' autonomy
- Stainless steel cutting blades with gradient 45 0 for precision
- Full size blade
- Shavers with a microscope
- Cutting head for nose, ears, eyebrows
- Precision blade
- 5-post hair cutting guide 10.5-17.0mm
- 4-seater beard trimmer and 3-6mm mustache guide
- Charge time: 8 hours
- Accessories: Flitter, cleaning brush, lubricant, storage base, charging cable



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