No No depilation device

The only device that offers you professional depilation.

From 249,90-40%

Product code: ΝΟΝΟ1
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 730 gr

Now you can have the permanent results of the professional depilation at home. No!No! is a treatment for the diminution of hair growth. After completing the treatment 80% of the hair will have disappeared, while the rest will become thinner.

The results are visible from the first month of use.

You will have long lasting results without any pain, easy and fast for all types of skin and hair. It will leave your skin smooth.

You will also get:
- A power transformer with a switch
- An after use shiner
- 2 heads for short hair
- 1 head for long hair
- 1 cleaning brush
- 1 carrying bag
- Instructions for use
- 1 DVD with a user guide.



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