No more dry, cracked heels!

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Product code: ΧΙΤΑΖ
Weight: 710 gr

Heel Tastic can well be the answer to your sore feet and heels. It can cure the cracks of the heels fairly easily.

Heels have to balance too much for the entire body and its proportionate weight distribution. Heel Tastic is one of the best ways to get rid of several of heel problems like rough and course skin and the cracked feet which are big hindrance in your free movement.

It is composed of natural ingredients. Heel Tastic is a treatment which can help you get a lot of change in the way the heels really look.

The set includes:
- Peppermint mineral foot soak
- Cracked heel stick soap
- Exfoliating scrub paste
- Secret luv body butter
- Cracked heel renewal
- Peppermint foot powder



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