Veinessence relax. cream for legs 200ml

Fight against the sensation of heavy and tired legs.

From 19-22%

Product code: ΒΕΙΝΕΣ-Ν
Weight: 270 gr

Prolonged standing, traveling, or sitting too long can exacerbate circulation problems. Where as practicing sports can cause stiffness tension and pain. Veinessence helps soothe all these uncomfortable symptoms and also moisturizes dry flaky skin.

The efficiency of Veinessence is based on its formula which contains fragrant essential oils with stimulating properties.

Ginkgo Biloba, horse chestnut, red vine, climbing ivy and camphor and menthol are its active ingredients.

Easy to use as the tube, with a massaging head, has been specially designed to ensure the active ingredients are spread continuously when applying. Apply along your legs, thighs and calves by massaging.



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