Gloves in a bottle 5ml

Shielding lotion. Like an invisible pair of gloves!

Product code: ΓΚΛΟΒΣ5
Weight: 20 gr

Gloves in a Bottle bonds with the outer-most layer of skin cells, reducing natural moisture and oil loss, the leading cause of dry, cracked and irritated skin.

Conventional moisturizers only attempt to replace the skin’s natural moisture with artificial moisture, but they only mask these symptoms and do little to nothing to actually resolve dry skin.

In order for any moisture to be effective in resolving a dry skin problem, it needs to get below the second major layer of skin. The only moisture that is going to be able to get to that level in sufficient quantity is the skin’s own natural moisture.

Instead of attempting to replace natural moisture with artificial moisture, Gloves in a Bottle bonds with body, hands, face or feet skin cells to create “an invisible pair of gloves” that keeps the “bad stuff” out (elements and irritants that strip out natural out natural moisture and the “good stuff” in (the skin’s own natural moisture and oils).

Regular use of conventional moisturizers, lotion and creams sends the wrong message to the skin (that there is enough moisture present), causing it to produce even less natural moisture – the only thing that is ever going to truly resolve a dry skin condition.

Conventional moisturizers, lotions and creams coat the skin, often with petroleum or wax-based substances that tend to clog pores and inhibit the skin’s ability to breathe and perspire, Gloves in a Bottle functions so well that the skin breathes and perspires naturally. Because it becomes part of the outer layer of skin itself, it does not wash off, but comes off naturally as your skins cells exfoliate.



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