Organic silicone for joint protection.


Product code: ΣΙΛΙΣΙΟΥ
Weight: 900 gr

Organic silicone is a trace element that plays a fundamental role in the fight against painful joints, muscles and ligaments, throughout our lives.

On average, the human body contains seven grams of silicon, which diminishes with age in an irreversible manner.

The gradual loss of silicone over the years results in less supple joints, the start of sclerosis spreading and excessive calcium deposits on cartilage.

The opposite effect is ensured by the input of organic silicone that strengthens and improves the resistance, suppleness and elasticity of muscles and tendons, as well as joints (bones and cartilage) by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

An input of silicone in the bone tissue significantly reduces the time needed to consolidate fractures. Furthermore, as a result of preventive treatment, silicone helps prevent tendonitis and ruptured tendons occur less often, especially among those who do sport.

Recommended also for hair and nail care.



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