Extra Shine Eyeshadow Calendula extract and Vitamin E.

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From 12,99-62%

Product code: 533131Product code: 533132Product code: 533133Product code: 533134Product code: 533135Product code: 533136Product code: 533137Product code: 533163Product code: 533164Product code: 533165
Weight: 10 gr

Extra brilliance, extra hold, extra results for the new collection eyeshadows. Colours stolen from the sky and the earth, imprisoned in the pure transparency of the innovative eye shadow pen which has a soft sponge applicator. It leaves a thin film, from the anti-imperfection traceline that prevents "the line effect" on the eyelid. Long lasting, the metallic pearly colours, in line with the trend of the moment, give new light to the face and seductive depth to the look.



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