Glamour shine gloss with sweet almond oil and vitamin E.

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Weight: 20 gr

Captures the light to make the lips glow! Glamour shine gloss, in luscious and attractive sorbet shades and a light and summery fragrance, gives sparkling diamond shine to the lips thanks to the reflecting pearls used in the formula. Constant use gives volume to the lips while its unique creaminess assures a pleasant softness and a sensation of total comfort. Enriched with sweet almond oil, softening and vitamin E, antiage, it comes with an incorporated brush for easy application. Glamour shine gloss... long-lasting shiny and glossy lips.

Directions for use: use light pressure on the tube to apply the gloss to the lips using the incorporated lip brush. looking perfect for hours . The long-lasting formula in fact guarantees excellent staying power, without smudges or loss of colour. Its full colour assures impeccable lip contours and shapes the mouth perfectly. The presence of sweet almond oil gives wonderful softness and an unbeatable extra touch.

Directions for use: apply to the lips and finish with a pencil which is 1 or, at the most, 2 shades darker scent.



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