Instant volumising shock lip gloss with maxi lip, chilli pepper extract and ginger extract.

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Product code: 101819
Weight: 20 gr

An amazing lip gloss that is able to instantly volumise the lips, making them naturally red. Lips take form in a second with shock lip gloss, giving them new volume and a more intense colour to make them incredibly sexy. Maxi lip increases the hydration of the lips and also supports the synthesis of collagen, while the chilli pepper extract and ginger extract immediately activate the micro-circulation, supporting the natural intensification of the lips' colour. The non-sticky, creamy texture has a super shiny effect. Shock lips, a volume injection!

Directions for use: apply shock lips 3 times a day on the natural outline of the lips only. A slight tingling sensation and reddening is normal. Shock lips can be used as a foundation for lipstick. Apply shock lips and wait for 3-5 minutes. Remove any residue and then apply lipstick.



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