Instant Magic Cover 2 x 30 ml

The ultimate concealer that camouflages any type of skin blemish.

From 39-49%

Product code: ΙΚΟΒΕΡ
Weight: 50 gr

Do you often notice red blotches, dark circles and acne on your face? Instant magic Cover offers you heavy-duty coverage in a lightweight formula.

It is so subtle that you can easily use it to camouflage unsightly blemishes on your face and effective enough to cover more obvious marks on your body.
In addition, it is waterproof so that you can swim, play sports and enjoy outdoor activities.

The key to success is quite simple; it contains 40% pigment content compared to 8% found in common foundations. This ensures complete coverage of any skin deviation.
In order to match your skin perfectly, it comes with 2 tubes, one light and one darker foundation.

If you wish to regain your confidence by finding a concealer that you can rely on, Instant Magic Cover works wonders!



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