Tierra De Toros 13 videotapes

Documentary series with 13 videotapes "Land of Bulls".

From 80-75%

Product code: ΤΙΕ001
Weight: 2,1 kg

A complete documentary series studying the tradition of bullfighting.

Significant bullfights, the life of bullfighters, all the elements that surround the life of the courageous bull from birth to adulthood.

1. Land of Bulls
2. The Brave Field
3. Genesis and Birth
4. The Ages of the Bull
5. Hungry and Brave
6. Brave Castes
7. The Bull in America
8. The Bull in France and Portugal 9. The Horse and the Bull
10. The Bull and the Bullfighter
11. From the Field to the Square
12. Race and Grace
13. The Bull in Spain

Tierra de Toros. Language: Spanish
A production of RTVE.



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