Glitter N Glitz (4CDs)

Bye bye baby, Can you do it, Under the moon of love, Love me like you I love you, Metal guru e.t.c.

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Weight: 530 gr

CD 1.
1. Metal guru.
2. Bye bye baby.
3. The bump.
4. Dr. Kiss Kiss κ.α.

CD 2.
1. Do you wanna touch me.
2. Philadelphia freedom.
3. Can you do it.
4. Tell him κ.α.

CD 3.
1. Blockbuster.
2. Under the moon of love.
3. Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
4. Prince Charming κ.α.

CD 4.
1. Love me like you I love you.
2. I'm on fire.
3. Some girls.
4. All because of you κ.α.



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