Superhits of Rock N Roll CD (set of 5)

Great balls of fire, Blueberry Hill, Runaway, Let's have a party, April love, La bamba, Venus, Heart and soul e.t.c.


Product code: ΣΡΣΔ000
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 790 gr

Disc one (CD1). 1. Great balls of fire 2. Blue suede shoes 3. Poetry in motion 4. Blueberry Hill e.t.c. Disc two (CD2). 1. Rock around the clock 2. Let's dance 3. The twist 4. Blue moon e.t.c. Disc three (CD3). 1. Sleep walk 2. Let it be me 3. April love 4. Mr. Sandman e.t.c. Disk four (CD4). 1. Lollipop 2. La bamba 3. Hey baby 4. Speedy Gonzales e.t.c. Disc five (CD5). 1. Breathless 2. Venus 3. Then he kissed me 4. Will you love tomorrow e.t.c.



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