Cold Car SPF

The cushion that offers you cool dew in a hot car.

From 24,99-28%

Product code: ΚΚΑΡ
Weight: 780 gr
Length: 28 cm
Width: 43 cm

Insufferable heat, burning seats… even if you turn on the air condition, your car will still need 10-15 minutes to chill up.

Now, the Cold Car cushion relieves the driver and the passengers from heat as it drops the temperature 4 degrees immediately and it can reach up to 7 degrees below.

It is very easy to use. You simply place it on the seat or on the back of your cars' seat and when it touches your body it offers you a cool feeling. Its secret is in its revolutionary gel that refreshes your body immediately as it touches it.

Keep it away from UV rays.

You can as well use it on your couch or on a chair.



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