Comfy Screen Pillow 5 in 1

Tablet, book and magazine holder, neck pillow and travel cushion.


Product code: ΚΟΜΦΙ
Weight: 520 gr
Length: 30 cm
Width: 28 cm
Height: 8 cm

Tablet, book and magazine holder, neck pillow and travel cushion

Comfy Screen Pillow lets you hold and use your favorite tablets, books and screens, hands-free, in total comfort and at the perfect angle, or use it as a comfy neck pillow, storage safety bag or travel cushion. This versatile, multi-purpose pillow keeps your tablet, screen or book at the perfect angle for comfortable, hands-free viewing. The corner tabs hold your tablet securely while the soft design, and clever straps, allow you to sit it on your lap, or any hard surface. You can even strap it to the back of a seat! When you're not using your screen, just pack it inside the pillow for safe storage, or turn it inside-out to become a plush, comfy neck pillow to rest your eyes and relax on long journeys.

Holds tablets, screens and even books securely

Comfy Screen Pillow is an amazing little cushion that has so many uses. The clever design means that your favourite screen, tablet, book or magazine can be held either at the four corners, for a screen or tablet, or using the back straps as page holders for books and magazines. This lets you use, interact-with and read your tablet or book, hands-free and, because the plush, soft upholstered construction moulds to any shape, you can have the perfect viewing angle too! Whether on your lap, your knee, the floor or a worktop, you can display and position your screen exactly were you want it and leave your hands free for other things.

Converts into a neck and travel pillow

There are times when you've had too much screen time and you need to rest your eyes. On long journeys, flights, train travels or even just at home, you find that you want to close your eyes, relax, and take a rest. Comfy Screen Pillow quickly and easily converts into a neck pillow that sits around your neck and shoulders and will support your neck and head so you can rest and even sleep in total comfort without lying down.

Straps attach to seat backs and luggage

The two back straps on Comfy Screen Pillow can be used in two clever ways! Firstly, when travelling, you can push the tall, extending handles of wheelie-cases and hand luggage through the straps so they are held in place and your pillow, with its precious tablet safely stored inside, won't fall off. OR, why not use the straps to hold a tablet in place behind the head rest of a car seat so the kids can have an in-car entertainment screen on long journeys?

- Holds tablets, screens and even books securely
- Hands-free comfort at the perfect viewing angle
- Converts into a neck and travel pillow
- Straps attach to seatbacks and luggage
- Store your tablet inside for safe transport
- Corner access for power cables and headphones
- Holds screens up to 10" in size



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