Magic Car Buddy

Magic Car Buddy the portable non-slip handle, with flash light, cutter and window breaker!

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Product code: ΚΜΠΑΝΤΥ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 240 gr
Power supply: Batteries
Battery type: 2 X CR2032

Magic car Buddy helps you get in and out of your car with ease as it hooks securely into the door latches on any car.
Ideal for seniors, injury recoveries, back, knee or hip pain. It holds up to 136 kg.
It is very compact, made of aluminum and stainless steel, stores away easily in your door or glove box.
Furthermore, the Magic Car Buddy has two evacuation tools:
- Seatbelt cutter
- Emergency window breaker
There is also a built-in flashlight with two modes, constant-on and flashing, so that you can be seen from a distance in case of emergency. Functions with 2 lithium batteries 3V CR2032 (included).
No more strain or asking for help, get your freedom and mobility back!



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