Body Shield Pro set

Wash and polish your car without water.

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Product code: ΒΟΝΤΥΡ
Weight: 2,14 kg

Body Shield Pro is the fastest and most effective way to clean and polish your car, protecting it for a long time without water, ecologically and economically.

The special silicone that is contains "captures" and removes dust, reduces static electricity, without destroying the color of your car.

It cleans, protects and gives shine with a single use in 3 easy steps:
- Spray
- Wipe with a clean cloth
- Polish for extra shine and protection

No water or prior cleaning required.
The set includes: 1 pack x 1 lt Body Shield Pro, 1 pack x 750 ml Stay Clean for the blurring of glass and 1 spray bottle.
FREE: 2 super-absorbent microfiber cloths.



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