Dura Shine

The technology of water dispersal for long lasting shine results.

From 37,86-61%

Product code: ΝΤΟ100-1
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 1,61 kg

It seems we've all experienced it. Within just a few days after you've washed and/or polished your car ... it rains.
That brilliant shine is now just a memory. All that is left is a maze of spots and stains attributed to acid and alkali pollution or as it is generally called: "acid rain".
We wish to introduce you to an entirely new technology found in DURA-SHINE ADVANCED AUTO POLISH - the technology of water dispersal. They not only provide a long lasting mirror like shine but also with their patented "Sheeting Action3" it dispenses acid rain off the paint finish immediately to guarantee a spot and stain free finish all year round. Use it in combination with the DURA LUBE oil and offer to your car a unique treatment.

· Revolutionary, High Lustre Polish Virtually Eliminates Water Spotting and Staining From Acid Rain, Pollution and Road Spray!
· Contains no harsh chemicals
· 100% Biodegradable

· Included: Dura shine, dura wash, fog shield, Vilyl shield, 2 chamois



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