Foam cleaner W2 MW2008

Clear away dirt and grease and restore a fresh, new look!

From 4,90-61%

Product code: ΦΚΛΗΝΕΡ
Weight: 200 gr

This product is specially formulated with biological surfactants and other materials to produce rich foam. It can quickly permeate into smudges to clear away dirt and grease, and restore a fresh, new look.

It is environmentally friendly, with no phosphate.

Excellent for household cleaning, it refreshes the electronic borders, glass, bathroom, furniture, ceramic tiles, wall paper, plastic curtains, painted walls, porcelain, wood floor and metal. It promptly clears away tea and soft drink stains from leather fabrics, upholstery and carpets.

It can also be used for cars, ships and boats, to clean panels, bumpers, inside walls, ceilings, fabrics, leather, carpets and other items.

Just spray it evenly about 15 cm away from the object to be cleaned. After 20-30 seconds, wipe it with a piece of soft and clean cloth.

Net content: 650 ml



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