GS 27 Coffret Diams

Removes, shines, protects.

From 39,90-50%

Product code: ΣΡ1151
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 880 gr

GS27 uses the most advanced technological evolution in chemical science, such as nanotechnology and microcapsules, which is being used by the biggest manufacturers in the world.

Its unique composition allows for a diverse field of applications with unparalleled results.
Its cleaning chemicals and antioxidant cleans, restores the brightness and polishes all types of new or recent finishes (normal, metallic, varnished, pearly, glittery, etc.)

The car kit includes :
1 bottle Diam's 500ml
1 application cotton glove
2 protection gloves (inside the cotton glove)
1 microfiber clothe
1 scratch remover 25ml



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