Platinum cleaning and protection car set

Platinum ultimate is the ultimate all rounder for your car!

From 29-41%

Product code: ΠΛΑΤ97
Weight: 920 gr

Platinum ultimate Care locks in the dirt and removes it without scratching the paint. Simultaneously, it coats the paint with a protective layer and makes it more resistant.
The treated surfaces get a deep, long lasting brightness and are protected for weeks against dirt, bird droppings and UV rays.

Platinum Ultimate Care is also suitable for plastic and chrome surfaces.

With Platinum Ultimate Clean you get the best care for the interior of your car and you can bring brightness to your cockpit.

Platinum Ultimate Protect provides perfect care for your windshield. The rain deflector lets water, ice or snow on the windshield run off and you always have a clear view.

Platinum Ultimate-One wipe and it shines!



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