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In shape AD

In shape AD

The Christmas and New Year days are admittedly the most difficult times to stick to a diet plan. If you too were swept away by the festive feasts and delicacies, see what you must do in order not avoid gaining weight.

Return asap to your healthy eating habits
Integrate in your daily diet plan 3 main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as two snacks in between. Make sure your portions are limited in quantity but high in nutrients and fibres and prefer cookware that cooks in a healthy way, without butter or fat.

Avoid snacks
Avoid snacks between meals, using one or more of the following methods. If it's impossible for you to resist mum's sweets, remove the temptations from your home. Take homemade snacks or meals to work and put a brake to your fridge dashes!

Detoxify your body from sugar
If during the holidays you gave into more sweet temptations than what you are used to, it is possible that you will feel the need for sweets more often than usual. You can satisfy much of your craving for sugar with a fruit, some raisins, or a home-made sorbet without sugar.

Drink lots of water
The water will help reverse the dehydration caused by alcohol drinking and lack of sleep. It will also assist the quicker elimination of sodium, which causes fluid retention and swelling, giving you a sense of wellness.

Even if you are not the gym going type, try adding exercise to your life in small daily doses. Choose walking or cycling for everyday journeys, choose the stairs instead of the elevator or integrate into your daily schedule a small list of exercises. In you will find a large selection of exercising accessories, as well as exercising equipment, that will keep you in shape all year long.