It's a hairy issue... (Part 2)

files/1/Blog/TmStore_Blogshop-Hairy_Issue_2.jpgMission: Hair Care

There is a set, named Hair Bell, which consists of shampoo conditioner, that helps hair grow up to 23% more (depending, of course, on the hair quality), while making it easy to comb.

And, since the dandruff issue is "hot", here is a suggestion, a special brush, Dandruff brush, which is a real achievement of modern technology, using oxygen and infrared in order to deal with this problem... at the root!

Another suggestion is the Hair Force One shampoo and lotion, for effectively combating hair loss, and a special comb for strengthening hair, such as Power Grow Comb, which is suitable for men and women. For a complete care, you can use the Bio Horse line, an exclusive formula which contains the biotin protein, ideal for strengthening, and reinforcing hair growth, from the first use.

A great suggestion also, is Hair Rebirth, a special product for special problems, which helps with the cosmetic combating of hair loss, thanks to its material, which looks like our natural hair. Finally, there is an amazing lotion, especially for brown haired and black haired, Grey Away, which gradually restores the hair color, without washing off or soil your hands and clothes, like other products. It's suitable for women and men and is produced by the world famous French institute Claude Bell.  

With all of the above suggestions and innovations we covered not only our original goal of 40%, but we almost reached 100%! After all, our appearance helps us feel better, and when we feel better, we are better! For a perfect look from the... top!